Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winfrey Quot 365 000 Gift To School

Oprah Winfrey

The media mogul offered the staggering amount to ensure the city The Ron Clark Academy has sufficient funds to continue to provide education to 80 students. TV titan Oprah Winfrey has become a success with students in Atlanta after he gave $ 365. 000 a year for each student, often combines Rapping, drums and dance in their lessons to encourage children to low-to middle-income families to learn. Teachers at school, at a cost of $ 14. 000 for a school for children in low-income.

Jamie Foxx On Jennifer Hudson Pray For Her

Jennifer Hudson

Former American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson had a difficult year in 2008, but for the first time since the tragic murder of his mother, brother and nephew of October, the singer and Oscar-winning actress is planning a return to the public. There is speculation that he will sing at the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama, and is the stage which, according to a report from Life Style..

Destiny Quot Child To Reform


The three girls called the time the band during the summer of 2005 to concentrate on their solo careers. Getting back together certainly hasn t been ruled out, although not t talk about business when we are out - it only gossip girl. We are all busy with solo venture, but who knows what the future hold? Said Michelle. We worked together as Destiny Child, because it was nine, and tourism, as we have been together 14. After all these years of wonderful work together, we realized that it is time to pursue our personal goals and solo efforts seriously. Former member Michelle Williams insists she and her band of two ex-comrades, Beyonc Knowles and Kelly Rowland, are still in contact and are open to working together in the future.

John Lennon Touts Charity Laptops From Beyond Grave

John Lennon

More than one quarter of a century after his death, is still John Lennon turn to us to imagine a better world. In the clip, multi-pixel color screen bomb, possibly forming the face of the Spectacled singer, who says: Imagine if every child, no matter where in the world have been, they can access a universe of knowledge. L ex-Beatle voice and image have been stitched together by using the computer in a commercial for One Laptop per Child, an organization aimed at providing low-cost, durable computer for the youth of the Third World. The singer was raised in a digital advertisement asking people to donate laptops to the world poorest children.

Victoria Beckham To Dine With Britney Spears

Victoria Beckham

A source said: Victoria Knows Everyone In Hollywood - Expect Britney. Victoria Beckham is set to have dinner with Britney Spear, according to British tabloid reports. L ex-Spice Girl former choreographer Jamie King said Beckham agreed to take, and Spears - who is his new client - for a slap up meal at the Chateau Marmont hotel.